RASIT was signed into being by HRH Prince Mohammed bin King Faisal (I) El-Hashemite – Founder President in
1968 to provide education to whomever is in need. As mandated in its constitution, RASIT has, served and prepared
more than 21,500 students and professionals from around the world to face the challenges of the continuously
changing and developing world.  

All through times of change, RASIT’s mission has remained steadfast to recuperate, enrich, and advance the science
and technology educational methods; and make it accessible via the scholastic systems.

The League is committed to serving leadership and professional talent development of Youth to ensure they will
achieve their full potential.  The League has a variety of mechanisms to deliver outstanding leadership and talent
development programs in the areas listed below.  These include face-to-face workshops delivered directly to groups of
members, internet based webinars, on-demand playback of webinars, and a variety of electronic social media

Admission & Counseling Service
    Helps Students to continue their higher education; and to know how to achieve their goals in life by choosing
    the appropriate course of study to match their skills, to select accredited universities, and guide them through
    the admission process.

    Encourages Students to enroll into 4 week internship programs at universities / institutions / corporations,
    thereby giving students the chance to learn more about the specialty of interest to them; how to adapt to the
    transition; how to select subject and department for furthering their undergraduate degree courses; how to plan
    for future careers; and how to communicate with academic staff.

Scholarship Program
    Assist interested partner corporations to establish internal scholarship department that can benefit from a
    potential human resource.

Exchange Program
    The exchange program theme allows Students to spend a year or a semester in different
    universities/institutions, to experience different cultures and to improve their skills.  Furthermore, it encourages
    postgraduate students to have joint research degree programs, which will help them to further their research,
    upgrade research methodologies, and export-import culture & technology between educational institutions.

Analytical Skill Development:
    Strengthening the skills of Youth by providing them with the necessary information and resources, and
    teaching analytical skills to enable them to make informed and effective decisions , positively interact with
    their peers, and act as community advocates.

Writing a CV
    Helping Youth to write CVs that accurately represent their abilities and strengths.

Project Assistance
    Giving support to Students in accomplishing their academic project requirements.
our theme remains
“Invest in Future Leaders”
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