The 2011 International Youth Day centered on the theme of “Change the World”, which represented the influence of youth
initiatives at all levels which reflects that their efforts even though at the local level can have a global impact.

At last, the International Community believed in Youth and considered the importance of Partnering with Youth to Build a
Better World.  This was clearly reflected in the 2012 International Youth Day theme designated by the United Nations.  The
world Started to look at Youth needs: Education; Health; Employment; Entrepreneurship; Political Inclusion; Citizenship; and
Protection of rights.

RASIT Founder President, HRH Prince Mohammed Bin King Faisal (I) El-Hashemite, Vision to the future was significantly
and considerably ahead from the World!

The Potential of Youth as partners for development has been the main objective of RASIT’s work for the last 44 years.  Since
1969, RASIT has been committed to empowering Youth and ensuring their participation actively in shaping the societies in
which they live through education, training, networking, acknowledgment of achievements and, most importantly, to make
their voice heard.

For more than 45 years, RASIT’s theme remains “Invest in Future Leaders”. Through its activities, RASIT recognizes the
numerous contributions that Youth made through events and studies they conducted and organized.

RASIT strongly believes that Youth must be given every opportunity possible to participate in and be valued as partners in
decision-making and action at all levels.  RASIT provides them with the skills, the network, and the platform.  Indeed they
have proved that Youth are much more than future leaders, in fact they are Leaders of Today and ready to develop a
sustainable future.

Gathering and communicating ideas and knowledge continues to be a primary pursuit of today’s RASIT. The tremendous
expansion of research and information in the sciences and arts in recent times makes such a pursuit even more crucial if
real progress is to result.

    HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite
        BSc MSc MD PhD
        Executive Director
our theme remains
“Invest in Future Leaders”
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